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chloe was born at 1057am after 50 something hours of labor. shes 5lbs 8oz and will be 38 weeks tommorow, she is 18 inches long too. shes already a champ at breastfeeding and latching on, she ate off one boob for 15 minutes then ate off the other for 25 minutes with no problems.

i got admitted to the hospital on thursday morning since i had low fluid levels, on thursday evening they gave me cervadil (little tampon like thing that starts softening your cervix) which ended up doing a whole lot of nothing except giving me a lot of contractions that hurt. friday morning they decided to put a fowley bulb in which is like a balloon that goes into your cervix so it can dilate it to 3-4cm. i had that in for 12 hours and then my obgyn came in that evening and took it out because i was dilated to 3cm and completely effaced so i was able to move to labor and delivery to start my pictocin and get my epidural. this was like 10pm, i got my epidural and got started on pit which caused a ton of contractions that i didnt feel. i ended up getting a really high fever for awhile and they've geen giving me antibiotics for it. they had to break my water too. at about 4am my obgyn came down and was concerned about the pitocin because chloe wasnt reacting good to it, her heartbeat would start to drop and dropped down to like 90 or something. they brought up the idea of having a c-section at that point if things continued to go that way and i didnt dilate (i stayed at five cm for quite awhile) but he checked me again 2 hours later and i was almost seven cm then i got checked like 30 minutes after that and i was at ten! my obgyn ended up not delivering chloe since he had to be somewhere this morning at 8am and couldnt make it back in time. i started to push at about 10am and was getting no where and chloe was stressing out, her heartrate was dropping a lot, so they said they wanted to use the vacuum and if that made things worse or didnt get her out in a couple of pushes the next thing was a c-section. thankfully i got her out in 5 pushes with the vacuum helping!

shes perfectly healthy and doing really good. she had no problems breathing or with her color at all. shes the most perfect baby ever :)

i tore a little bit but nothing big, it was only a 1st degree. my epidural just completely wore off, starting to feel the soreness and am hurting a little bit now but having her lie here with me in bed and looking at her, id do it all over again.

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